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A familiar example from North American herpetology is the common racer,
_Coluber constrictor_, which does not constrict.  Apparently the
misnomer resulted from confuson between the black racer (_C. c.
constrictor_) and the black rat snake (_Elaphe obsoleta obsoleta_),
which is a constrictor.


Barry M. OConnor wrote:
> At 1:07 PM 2/23/98, Matthias Buck wrote:
> >sorry I can't add any plant species but I have a very nice example
> >from entomology: Apteromyia (a genus of Sphaeroceridae, Diptera)
> >(= wingless fly)... The flies, however, are fully winged!
> And of course, lots of examples in parasitology; my favorite is the African
> tick, Cosmiomma hippopotamensis.  It's never been found on a Hippopotamus.
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