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     Two other plant names that are misnomers:

     Ludwigia perennis L. - which is annual.
     (I understand that, conversely, Ludwigia annua is perennial)

     Schoenus curvulus F. Muell. - no more 'curved' in any feature than
     other spp of the genus, but apparently the type (from New Guinea) was
     all twisted up by the collector either to fit in his vasculum or

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Subject: Misnomers
Author:  Sean Edwards <MZFSES at MAIL1.MCC.AC.UK> at mailgate
Date:    23/2/1998 11:32 AM

The 20 February contribution by Thomas Lammers, mentioning the
misnomer Tridens flavus, added to a small list of "incorrect" plant
species names that I have.

These have generally cropped up by word of mouth (and so some may well
be wrong, or rather right), but no doubt somebody else has also
accumulated such a list, or there is some publication somewhere where
they have been properly accredited. There must be hundreds of the

Does anybody out there have such a list, or could give me a reference,
or could add to my list?



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