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In 1990 Jones & Bartlett Publishers (Boston, USA) published "Handbook of
Protoctista" with Lynn Margulis as senior editor, and also with J.
Corliss, M. Melkonian & D. Chapman as co-editors.  The arguments for
"protoctista" are laid out in that book.  In common usage, the term has
not met with a high degree of acceptance, and the majority of "single-cell
biologists" seem to prefer "protista"
Paul E. Hargraves

On Tue, 24 Feb 1998, Fortuner wrote:
> Subject: Protoctista?
> In an encyclopedia I read the following: "Protozoa and algae belong to
> the kingdom Protoctista." I would like to know:
> - is this Protoctista the same as the protista?
> - if the same, why the extra letters?
> - if not the same, what's the difference?
> Of course, it might just be a spelling mistake!
> Thanks
> --
> Renaud Fortuner
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