Bishop Museum - loss of State funding

Peter Rauch anamaria at GRINNELL.BERKELEY.EDU
Wed Feb 25 03:32:42 CST 1998

Gee, you'd think that, with all the benefits that accrue to the State of
Hawaii from their full measure of support to the Bishop Museum, its
value to the State would not only be quite evident (from the
descriptions found in the very legislation that created the State
support for the Museum), but also to anyone in Hawaii sensitive enough
to be concerned about Hawaiian native population history and culture --a
culture that has seen fit to struggle to retain its self-identity. I
wonder how native Hawaiians feel about the State's concern for the
preservation of their history?

And, I wonder what the economic benefits to the hotel / conferencing /
tourism industries are that could be seriously diminished if the
relevant professional society conference planners determined that it
wasn't in their societies' best interests to hold conferences in Hawaii?
You might wish to ask your professional society about how they would
view such budgetary cuts to the Bishop Museum.


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