Workshop on metadata and interoperability in biodiversity data systems

Francisco Pando de la Hoz pando at MA-RJB.CSIC.ES
Fri Feb 27 13:53:38 CST 1998


The explosion in the creation and utilization of biodiversity data
systems has brought to the fore the need for standards, models and
interoperability. The myriad of specialist quality data sets created
worldwide need to be communicated with and integrated for access by the
community. This workshop is organized by the International Taxonomic
Databases Working Group, TDWG, a specialist group of IUBS which has done
much to further the creation and usage of standards in biodiversity data
systems whole community.


Annual Meeting and Symposium,=20
International Taxonomic Database Working Group

12-15 September 1998
Centre for Plant Diversity and Systematics, The University of Reading,
United Kingdom.


Preliminary Program (still open to TDWG members proposals):

- Saturday, 12 September
   5pm-7pm Registration
   7pm Reception and dinner

- Sunday, 13 September
   Plenary session
   Keynote speaker: Prof. Frank A. Bisby =96 Global taxonomic=20
      information systems: how do the various initiatives fit together?
   Officer reports
   Subgroup reports

   Subgroup working sessions
     Possible subgroups:
       Zoological collection acronyms
       Geography Standard (including marine zones)
       Organism names in databases
       Botanists and collectors names in databases
       TL-2 abbreviations=20
       Copyright of electronic publications=20
       Life form descriptors=20
       Accessions (specimen databases)=20
       Datamodels in biodiversity information systems

   Second keynote speaker (to be arranged)

- Monday, 14 September
   Subgroup sessions (continued)
   Third keynote speaker (to be arranged)
   TDWG Plenary session
  TDWG Dinner

- Tuesday, 15 September
Symposium: =93Databasing Biodiversity=94
   Formal demonstration of computer software and applications,
   moderated poster presentations and short oral communications.=20

TDWG Web pages:

The 2nd announcement will be available in early May.

Please use this form to receive the 2nd announcement for TDWG-98, to
request additional information and a formal invitation, if required.

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Please e-mail or fax to:

c/o S.L. Jury=20
The Centre for Plant Diversity and Systematics
School of Plant Sciences
The University of Reading
Whiteknights, Reading=20
RG6 6AS U.K.

fax: +44 (0)118 975 3676
e-mail: s.l.jury at


Francisco Pando
TDWG Secretariat
Real Jardin Botanico - CSIC
Plaza de Murillo 2
28014 Madrid, SPAIN

fax: +34 (9)1 420 0157
e-mail: pando at


TDWG-98 is being hosted by:

The Centre for Plant Diversity and Systematics
School of Plant Sciences
The University of Reading
Whiteknights, Reading=20
RG6 6AS U.K.


 Taxonomic Databases Working Group (TDWG):

Begun in 1985 as an international working group to explore ideas on
standardization and collaboration between major plant taxonomic database
projects, TDWG has since expanded its scope to include all taxonomic
database projects from all biological disciplines. TDWG is affiliated
with the International Union of Biological Sciences (IUBS) as the
Commission on Taxonomic Databases and members include institutions and
individuals responsible for biological databases with taxonomic
components. Membership in TDWG is open to institutions, projects and
individuals interested in participating in TDWG activities.

The mission of TDWG is:

     to provide an international forum for biological data projects;=20
     to develop and promote the use of standards and=20
     to facilitate data exchange.

TDWG annual meetings and symposia provide a forum for discussing
technical aspects of taxonomic databases, discussing the form and
content of proposed standards, voting on the adoption of standards, and
sharing information on current developments in databases with a
taxonomic component.=20


A short course for those developing species diversity information
systems and taxonomic databases, 7 =96 11 September 1998.

This course will precede the TDWG meeting and participants are welcome
to attend both events.

For further details, please contact:

Dr Geoff Hewitt
Short Course Organizer
School of Plant Sciences
The University of Reading
Reading RG6 6AS U.K.

fax: +44 (0)118 975 3676
email: h.g.hewitt at

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