ALLOZYME electrophoresis advice

Jeremy J. Bruhl jbruhl at METZ.UNE.EDU.AU
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Re:     -70C storage for ALLOZYME electrophoresis - Advice wanted.

The/A "Bible" re  ALLOZYME electrophoresis i.e. a book by Richardson, =
Baverstock and Adams states that it is essential to store samples at -50 =
C or colder. Samples should only be stored at -20C when no alternatives =
are available and then for the shortest possible time.

Our division is intending to purchase a freezer suitable for long-term =
storage of plant samples that will be subjected to ALLOZYME =
electrophoresis (we would also hope to use the freezer for DNA samples =
for sequence work).
Is a -70C ultra deep freezer essential or will samples keep adequately =
at -20C (and if so, for how long)? Many thanks for your help.


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