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Thu Feb 12 14:52:38 CST 1998

Dear Taxacomers,
after removal of our herbarium to a new building it is planned to
etsablish a herbarium show collection. Visitors shall have access to
representative herbarium sheets of selected families.This is for
visitors and students which just want to have a look to special
families, not for the nomal taxonomists, who will have access to the
complete herbarium in the usual way. The sheets will especially
mounted (with glass), additional informations and/or drawaings will
be enclosed. Does anyone know, whether in any herbarium show
collections of herbaria exists or were prepared for special
exhibitions? I would be thankful for any information (or a link to
such inforation).
Thanks in advance

Detlev Metzing
AG Pflanzenoekologie
FB Biologie
Carl von Ossietzky-Universitaet
D - 26111 Oldenburg

email metzing at
Tel. ++49 441 798 3342
Fax. ++49 4230 1571

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