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Richard Zander bryo at COMMTECH.NET
Tue Feb 17 08:42:59 CST 1998

Well, species concepts differ, and if splitting raises funds, what's to
prevent the attitude "Funding now, lumping later!"

Regarding the disinterest of major donors to fund their own eponymy,
perhaps if each taxonomist had a marketing expert assigned to him/her by
a knowledgeable business-oriented dean or director...a modern
"Customer-Oriented Approach."

Luis Diego Gomez wrote:
> Even the hypothetical case of an unemployed taxonomist (maybe not so
> hyppothetical) who advertises something like:" Species names for sale"
> should not get frowned upon if his/her taxonomyis good and serves the main
> goal of science which is, after all, the cataloging of things living. I
> doubt that would be a profitable enterprise, though.

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