Three things I always wanted to know

Thomas Schlemmermeyer termites at USP.BR
Fri Feb 20 13:04:46 CST 1998

        Hello Taxacomers, I have three questions which have a different degree of

        Question Number 1: What is a metatype?

        Question Number 2: What is the meaning of the holotype?
        Especially: Is it a mere piece of a living organism only to
        fix a scientific name or has it anything to do with the biological
        reality out there?

        Question Number 3: When did the concept of monophyly arise?
        (I remember that I have read that the german Ernst Haeckel did
        already use it.)
        The times they are a-changin'. Will systematists in the future
        still work with monphyletic groups or is it already visible that
        the concept will be outdated?

                sincerely    Thomas

        Thomas Schlemmermeyer , Universidade de Sao Paulo,
                                Museu de Zoologia,
                                Sao Paulo, Brasil

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