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Phylogenetic Analysis of the Subtribe Rutelina and Revision of the Rutela
Generic Groups. By Mary Liz Jameson 1997. Bulletin of the University
of Nebraska State Museum 14:1-184.

Abstract.  The genus Rutela is a conspicuous member of the scarab beetle
subfamily Rutelinae (or shining leaf chafers).  This work provides a
comprehensive review of the phylogeny and classification of the subtribe
Rutelina and a revision of the genus Rutela (Rutelina). Phylogenetic
analyses of the subtribe Rutelina were based on 32 representative genera or
subgenera in the tribe Rutelini and were conducted as a means of resolving
classification conflicts within the subtribe Rutelina, identifying
monophyletic groups within the subtribe, and identifying monophyletic
lineages within the tribe Rutelini.  Based on the results of the
phylogenetic analyses, classification changes in the tribe Rutelini are

As a result of the research, the genus Rutela was found to be composed of
four genera. Rutela, Sphaerorutela, Microrutela, and Plesiorutela include a
total of 28 species and subspecies that are distributed from southern
Georgia and Florida in the U.S.A., the West Indies, and southeast Mexico to
Argentina. Each genus is treated systematically, including keys to species
in English and Spanish, color plates of all species, many illustrations,
distribution maps, systematic treatment of each species, host plant data,
descriptions of some larvae, and an up-dated key to the American genera of

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