Collections of oniscidean isopods referred to by Budde-Lund

Petersen, Mary Elizabeth MEPetersen at ZMUC.KU.DK
Wed Feb 4 22:14:00 CST 1998

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Copenhagen, Wednesday, 4 February 1998

Collections of oniscidean isopods referred to by Budde-Lund

In connection with publication of a catalogue of (mainly) oniscidean
isopods described by Gustav Budde-Lund (1846-1911), to be published in
Steenstrupia, here, the author has listed 23 museums holding type
material but was unable to locate nine collections (see list below)
referred to by Budde-Lund.  Any suggestions or additional information,
e.g., city, country, fate of collections if known, etc., would be
greatly appreciated.  Please reply to me DIRECTLY, as I am a
polychaetologist and not subscribed to CRUST-L.

The following nine collections referred to by Budde-Lund were not

Barreto Collection
Brusima Collection
Dollfus Collection Germany
Keitel Collection
Marburg, Germany
Ortoneda Collection
Ray Collection
Simon Collection
Uljanini Museum

Thanks in advance for any help.

Dr. Mary E. Petersen
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