Graduate Student Award, New England Botanical Club (fwd)

Leila Shultz shultz at OEB.HARVARD.EDU
Wed Feb 4 17:33:08 CST 1998

For those of you who were unable to download the file sent earlier, here
is the award announcement from the New England Botanical Club.

Graduate Student Research Awards

The New England Botanical Club will offer up to $2,000 in support of
botanical research to be conducted by graduate students in 1998. The
awards are made annually to stimulate and encourage botanical research
on the New England flora, and to make possible visits to the New England
region by those who would not otherwise be able to do so.

The award(s) will be given to the graduate student(s) submitting the
best research proposal dealing with systemic botany, biosystematics,
plant ecology, or plant conservation biology. It is anticipated that two
awards will be given, although the actual number of awards and amount
will depend on the proposals received. Applicants must submit:

Proposal of no more than three double-spaced pages


Curriculum vitae

Two letters in support of the proposed research (one from the student's
thesis advisor)

Three paper copies of the proposal, budget, and CV must be submitted.

Send proposals to:

Awards Committee
The New England Botanical Club
22 Divinity Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02138-2020

Proposals and supporting letters must be received no later than March 2,
1998. The recipient(s) will be notified by April 30, 1998.


Two Graduate Student Research Awards were given in 1997. Tatyana Rand,
of Brown University, received support for her proposal entitled: "Seed
supply, habitat suitability and the distribution of halophytic forbs
across a salt marsh landscape" and Thomas Vining of the University of
Maine in Orono, received support for his proposal entitled: "Phenology
and hybridization of Picea mariana and P. rubens (Pinaceae) in Maine"

The website for the New England
Botanical Club is

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