new web site on Chalcidoidea

Gary Gibson GIBSONG at EM.AGR.CA
Thu Feb 12 13:48:42 CST 1998

I am very pleased (and relieved) to announce that my web site on chalcid
parasitic wasps (Hymenoptera: Chalcidoidea) is now online and can be
reached directly at: "". The
chalcid site is part of the Animal Protection Systematics Study APSS web
site ( of Agriculture and
Agri-Food Canada.

The chalcid site consists of general information about chalcids in "About
Chalcid Wasps". Information is organized under the headings:
introduction, economic importance, biological diversity, recognition,
monophyly and relationships, family classification, recognized families
and major taxonomic resources, regional keys to families, catalogs, and

A major part of the chalcid site includes an interactive, illustrated
glossary of over 600 morphological terms that have been used to
describe chalcid structure in the literature. Almost all terms are illustrated
by at least one line drawing or scanning electron micrograph. The
structures indicated on each illustration have the terms linked back to the
glossary definitions so that you can go back and forth between
illustrations and different terms. Similarly, within definitions, any
specialized term used as part of the definition is linked to its own

Because the chalcid site forms part of a site dedicated to biocontrol of
filth flies there is also information on chalcid parasites of filth flies,
including a list of the 29 chalcid species in 13 genera reported to
parasitize filth flies in North America. An example couplet of a key that
will eventually form part of the site is also included, as is one example
'fact sheet' for a species. There is also a bibliography of about 1,000
papers dealing on some aspect of the taxonomy or biology of the 29
species, which is searchable (see introduction to the bibliography). The
bibliography is yet far from complete but is a start.

Finally, if you check out the site please have a look at "How Can You
Help?" Hope you find the site interesting.

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