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Carlos Vargas cvargas at LEHMANN.MOBOT.ORG
Thu Feb 19 14:29:27 CST 1998

Dear Henrik and colleagues:

  I found one specimen (Juncus densiflorus, JUNCACEAE, not reconfirmed
by Balslev ) at MO that says:

 "                     H.B.K.
 J. densiflorus Kth!  Enum. III. 338
                             Laharpe 52
                             Steud. 302
Ex Hb. Mus. Paris
            J. Decaisne (illegible) 1856

Mixed (illegible) this a second specimen, 6 androc, in fruit, is


       Could be possibly this specimen from the Venezuela Guayana flora
area (Est. Amazonas, Delta Amacuro or Bolivar?  I checked Decaisne
activities in TL-2 but there is not too much information about him as a

Decaisne, Joseph (1807-1882) Belgian Botanist attached to the Paris Museum
national d'Histoire Naturelle. Types are in BR, P.
  The only book that could refer to some field collection would be:
1337. Voyage autour du monde sur la fregate la Venus pendant les annes

  Thank you so much
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