describing new spp in tabular form

Alexey V. Kuprijanov Q at TINEA.USR.PU.RU
Sat Jan 3 02:53:07 CST 1998

Dear Dr. Quicke,

As far as I know, nothing is said about the form of description in the
Code. The only thing which is necessary is the diagnosis. The latter
should state explicitely that introducing a new name you intend to
distinguish clearly a new taxon and are able to provide diagnostic
characters which would be sufficient to recognise this taxon. Moreover,
there are no formal requirements regarding the form of the diagnosis.
You can give it in a tabular form or even in a form of a key.

The matters are different in botany but, fortunately your case is
zoological one.

Happy New year to all the netters!

Yours sincerely, Alexey

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