Describing new spp in concise form

Lyn Craven craven at PI.CSIRO.AU
Mon Jan 5 09:34:44 CST 1998

Donald Quicke raises the question of using tabular formats to describe large
numbers of insects.   This would tend to waste space with the layout, etc
required for tables.  A better format is to use code, specifically the DELTA
coding (and preferably a precis of that) with the character list also given
in the paper.  This was used in 1986 by Britton to good effect (Britton,
1986, A revision of the Australian chafers.......... Australian Journal of
Zoology, suppl. ser. 118, 1-135) in a treatment of 127 species, 65 of which
were newly described in the paper.  The paper is a good model for anyone
dealing with large #s of taxa.
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