Gray's Manual of Botany

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See Stafleu, F.A. & Cowan, R.S., Taxonomic Literature. ed. 2 (generally
known as TL-2) vol. 1: 988-990 (item 2124).  [See also p. 992 (item
2131) for your 1880 work by Asa Gray.]  Bohn, Scheltema & Holkema,
Utrecht.  (Regnum vegetabile 94)  1976.   John McNeill.
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Subject: Gray's Manual of Botany
Author:  Jerry Bricker <lcjbrick at ANTELOPE.WCC.EDU> at Internet
Date:    13-01-98 13:59


I picked up a copy of Asa Gray's "School and College Edition of the Manual
of Botany of the Northern United States" at a second-hand store over the
holidays.  The publication date is 1867.  I also have on my shelves a copy
of Gray's "School and Field Book of Botany consisting of Lessons in Botany,
and Field, Forest, and Garden Botany" dated 1880.

I wonder which is the true Gray's Manual that is so often referred to in
taxonomic circles.  Does anyone out there know the history of Gray's manual
from its original publication through its many revisions over the years?


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