RES:More Black And Yellow Peculiarities cont.

Thomas Schlemmermeyer termites at USP.BR
Fri Jan 23 17:08:28 CST 1998

a "Sandlaufkaefer" is a tiger beetle, family CICINDELIDAE.

Exactly, thank you very much to you and the other persons who mailed it =
to me privately!
The beetles I saw were quite large (maybe 3 cm long). They ran actively =
on moistened surfaces, but I didn=B4t have the impression that they had =
active devices to reduce water surface tension etc.

So far, my modest beetle knowledge suggested to me that Cicindelidae =
occur in dry and sandy regions. But this species, I saw now, obviously =
may has its niche in wet and rocky stream beds.
Therefore, I wondered.

Cheers Thomas

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