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Zhang Dianxiang h9592048 at HKUSUA.HKU.HK
Thu Jul 2 19:18:35 CDT 1998

Dear taxacomer,
Upon surveying the deposit in IBSC some time ago, I encountered a very
strenge specimen of orchid which can not be fit into any known genera. As
I am not a specialist on Orchidaceae (I am specialized on Burmannia and
the legumes), I would be happy to cooperate with someone who are more
familiar with the orchid family. I've already had it illustrated. Although
the specimen will be difficult to sent, i can fax the illustration upon
The plant is 5-6 cm in height, with ovate leaves ca. 4 mm long; a solitary
or two flowers; petals and lateral sepals elliptic lanceolate, regular,
labellum ovate, having a bag-like structure on the center from which a lid
come out; the most strenge thing is the structure of the rostellum, as the
stigma lobe is on the middle of its length!
Any comments or questioning please send to me directly.
Best wishes.


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