cave Archaeognatha, Sturm & Bach

Douglas Yanega dyanega at MONO.ICB.UFMG.BR
Sun Jul 26 13:21:28 CDT 1998

Hi, all. I've been reviewing a student's PhD thesis here, and I just
noticed that a photo of what is supposed to be a local cave-dwelling blind
Nicoletiid silverfish shows prominent styli on each of the abdominal
segments. Unless I'm missing some recent developments in Hexapod phylogeny,
that alone means that this critter pretty much *must* be an Archaeognath
and not a silverfish (though it certainly bears little resemblance to any
Machilids I've ever encountered). I have no references which describe the
family Meinertellidae, however (not even its geographic distribution), nor
can I find anything on the web which describes this family. The best lead I
have is that "Sturm, H. and D. R. C. Bach. 1992. New American
Meinertellidae (Archaeognatha, Machiloidea). Pan Pacific Entomologist
68(3): 174-191" seems to be the most recent work on the group, but I've
been unable to track either of these authors via web searching, nor are
they in any entomologist directories I have at my disposal (nor does the
journal appear to be in the campus library).
        Any help with archaeognathan taxonomy, or contacts to the above authors,
would be appreciated - seems a shame not to try to figure out precisely
what this insect is, given the high probability that it's something
undescribed. As an aside, I'd suspect that contacts with anyone working on
neotropical cave arthropods would be welcomed, given the amount of material
this student has collected over the course of his research.

Thanks in advance,
Dr. Douglas Yanega
Depto. de Biologia Geral
Instituto de Ciencias Biologicas
Univ. Federal de Minas Gerais
Cx. P. 486
30.161-970 Belo Horizonte, MG, BRAZIL

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