Latin translation service

R. Zander bryo at PARADOX.NET
Wed Jul 29 12:45:11 CDT 1998


The Latin translation service is still available. Patricia Eckel will
render English descriptions and diagnoses into Botanical Latin at US$5.00
per taxon.

Send ascii text written in clear English to her attention at
bryo at

Sigrid Liede wrote:

> Dear Taxacom managers,
> Having been off the list for some time due to travel and moving, I'd
> like to know whether the Latin translation service by Patricia Eckel is
> still existing.
> Thanks,
> sigrid liede
> Prof. Dr. Sigrid Liede
> sigrid.liede at
> Lehrstuhl f. Pflanzensystematik
> Univ. Bayreuth
> 95440 Bayreuth


Richard H. Zander
Curator of Botany, Buffalo Museum of Science
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