IOPI Global Plant Checklist - more data added!

Karen L. Wilson karen_wilson at RBGSYD.GOV.AU
Fri Jul 3 19:15:40 CDT 1998

IOPI Global Plant Checklist  -  additional source data now added

Recently the IOPI Global Plant Checklist has been enriched by the addition of
another major source dataset: the electronic version of the "Vascular Plants of
Russia and Adjacent Countries", compiled originally by S.K. Czerepanov (1996),
and added to the Checklist by kind permission of the Komarov Botanical
Institute, St Petersburg, Russia.

Users should be aware that the published book (Cambridge University Press) has
data, e.g. parentage of hybrids, which is not in the database. Equally, there is
also data in the database which is not in the book, e.g. some new synonymy and
place of publication details. No attempt has been made to convert the database
so that it agrees exactly with the contents of the book.

Details of minor formatting changes that had to be made can be found on the
website. The data was edited for import into the Checklist by Richard Pankhurst,
RBG Edinburgh, while conversion to IOPI format and import into the Checklist
database was effected by Walter Berendsohn (BGBM, Berlin).

The Checklist is available for public use through the IOPI home page at

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