Standard for recording plant occurrence in Internet

Francisco Pando de la Hoz pando at MA-RJB.CSIC.ES
Thu Jul 9 13:22:41 CDT 1998

Dear taxacomers,

Plant occurrence and status scheme (POSS), compiled by the the World
Conservation Monitoring Centre under the auspices of the International
Taxonomic databases Working Group (TDWG), has been prepared in
electronic format and posted on the TDWG pages at:

References to other standards for biodiversity databases (collections,
geographical distribution, etc.) are also found in that site.

TDWG Secretary

     Francisco Pando, Ph.D.
     Curator of Cryptogams
     Real Jardin Botanico-CSIC         tel.: +34 91 420 3017 ext. 205
     Plaza de Murillo, 2                         fax: +34 91 420 0157
     28014 Madrid, Spain                 e-mail: pando at

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