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I thought this might be of interest to readers of these lists.  I apologize
for any duplication.  It came from Laura Morrison and Giles Waines, both of
whose addresses are at the end.  Please send any questions or responses
directly to Laura or Giles.
>The 2nd International Wheat Genetics Symposium Taxonomy Workshop is
scheduled for Monday evening, 2 August 1998. We are sending this notice in
advance of the IWGS to encourage participation in a much-needed discussion
of the problems of wheat taxonomy. This workshop will deal only with issues
of taxonomy. Richard Wang's workshop on genome symbols, originally included
by the IWGS organizers as a part of the taxonomy workshop, is now scheduled
separately for Thursday evening, 5 August.
In 1993, the 1st IWGS Taxonomy Workshop offered an open forum for
discussion of Triticum taxonomy. That workshop identified key
issues--confusion of names, circumscription of the genus Triticum, lack of
workable keys and descriptions--and recommended that a monographic revision
of Triticum be undertaken. In 1998, our objective is to reach a consensus
for developing a uniform taxonomic treatment of the wheats. The agenda for
the workshop includes the following topics:
1. Circumscription of Triticum and Aegilops as separate genera.
2. For Aegilops, develop a recommendation to follow a current taxonomic
treatment of which there are two to consider: the 1980 treatment by Karl
Hammer (in German) and the 1994 monograph by Michiel van Slageren (in
English). These two differ in treatment of several taxa--e.g.,
classification of the T-genome species, treated by Hammer as Ae. mutica and
by van Slageren as Amblyopyrum mutica.
>3. For Triticum, develop a recommendation for an IWGS-sanctioned
monographic revision project. As a followup to the 1st IWGS workshop
proposal for an externally funded project headed by a
professionally-trained taxonomist, the 1998 workshop should (1) select an
official Taxonomy Committee to oversee the project and (2) develop
guidelines by which the Committee will operate.
>In the interim, recommend a current treatment of Triticum (sensu stricto)
to follow of which there are three: the 1966 treatment of Mac Key
(genome-based and in English); the 1979 treatment of Dorofeev and Migushova
(morphologically based and in Russian); the 1994 recommended treatment of
van Slageren (following Mac Key and in English).
4. Correct common nomenclatural mistakes: e.g., D-genome species name (Ae.
tauschii not Ae. squarrosa); AB-genome taxon name (T. dicoccum not T.
Comments on the agenda are welcome in advance of the workshop, particularly
from those who will not be able to attend. We look forward to seeing you in
Laura Morrison & Giles Waines
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