Eotrigonodon - what is this?

Willem N. Ellis wnellis at XS4ALL.NL
Sun Jul 19 12:09:04 CDT 1998

Dear colleagues

I obtained a sample of what was described as pharyngeal teeth of
Eotrigonodon serratus, form the Eocene of Balegem (Belgium): nice,
claw-like fossils of about 10 mm in height, evidently stemming from some
fish. I am no ichtyologist, even less a palaeoichtyologist, and despite
efforts both on the www and the literature (incl. M=FCller's Lehrbuch der
Palaeozoologie) I did not succeed in finding the taxonomic position of th=
species. Could someone please give my a hint? Thanks in advance! Willem

o  Dr. Willem N. Ellis (wnellis at xs4all.nl)
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