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Someone sent this to me.  I offered to post it to TAXACOM as the CBD
has not affected my local floristic efforts at all.  This is
addressed to U.S. plant taxonomists only.  Please reply to Steven
Price, not to me.

M. Reed
Texas A&M

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From:          Steven Price <scprice at facstaff.wisc.edu>

I'm preparing a paper on the impact of the Convention on Biological
Diversity on plant taxonomists' research.  Specifically, I'm asking:

1.) Has the 1992 agreement impacted your ability to either obtain plant
material from developing countries or your interaction with fellow

2.) Has the United States failure to ratify the CBD impacted your ability
to obtain plant material or your interaction with fellow taxonomists?

3.) Are there specific species that your responses relate to?

Are there other questions I should be asking along these lines?

Could I ask you to forward this message to others that you believe would
respond to it?

Thank You

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