Update to Index Herbariorum on the WWW

Barbara M. Thiers bthiers at NYBG.ORG
Mon Jul 27 16:07:47 CDT 1998


     Updated information for herbaria in 21 countries listed in Index
     Herbariorum, edition 8, and its supplements (published in Taxon) is
     now available for searching by institution, city, state, acronym,
     staff member, correspondent, and research specialty
     (http://www.nybg.org/bsci/ih/ih.html).  Telephone and fax numbers and
     e-mail and URL addresses are included.

     The updated information is available for herbaria in the following
     countries.  The percentage given following each country refers to the
     percentage of herbaria that have responded to our request for updated

     Argentina (73%), Armenia (60%), Australia (92%), Austria (100%),
     Azores (100%), Barbados (100%), Belarus (67%), Belgium (83%),
     Belize (100%), Bolivia (100%), Botswana (100%), Brazil (84%),
     Brunei Darussalam (100%), Bulgaria (66%), Burkina Faso (100%),
     Canada (95%), Denmark (100%), Iran (67%), Mexico (77%),
     Puerto Rico (71%), U.S.A. (100%)

     This file will be updated every few months, so please send updates and
     corrections to Patricia K. Holmgren (pholmgren at nybg.org)

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