botanical literature available

Thu Jul 9 14:09:31 CDT 1998

If anyone is interested, I have the following items available
for sale to the highest bidder:

1) Two back issues of Bulletin of the Torrey Botanical Club, 14(5) and
14(6), i.e. May and June 1887. Articles in 14(5): "Notes on the American
species of Marsilia" by Underwood & Cook; "New grasses [Poa rupestris
+ Panicum havardii]" by Vasey; "Elongation of inflorescence in
Liquidambar" by Britton; "Notes on a variety of Asteromphalus
roperianus" by Schultze; "Note on Abutilon striatum" by Bailey;
"Asplenium rhizophyllum Kuntze var. biscaynianum n. var."
by Eaton; "Notes on some Florida ferns" by Holden; "Special uses
and properties of some Mexican grasses" by Vasey. Articles in 14(6):
"A descriptive list of Staten Island diatoms" by Schultze; "Note
on the flowers of Populus heterophylla" by Britton; "Some California
ranunculi" by Greene; "Dioecism in Anemone acutiloba" by Halsted;
"Some anomalous forms of Saxifraga virginiensis" by Sterns; "The
lateral lines in the leaf of Erythroxylon coca" by Rusby.

2) Ames, Oakes. 1946. Ware Collection of Blaschka Glass Models
of Plants. Reprint from the Botanical Museum of Harvard University.
I have seen the actual glass plants at Harvard, made as teaching
tools before plastic became readily available. They are breath-taking,
containing more detail than some actual herbarium specimens.

3) Clements & Clements, 1928. Flower Families & Ancestors.

Joe Laferriere
josephl at

Dr. Joseph E. Laferriere

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