NYBG Herbarium to move into new Plant Studies Center

Barbara M. Thiers bthiers at NYBG.ORG
Thu Jul 16 11:26:56 CDT 1998

                           Notice for those planning to visit the New York
     Botanical Garden Herbarium
                                                   between November 1998
     and October 1999

     Beginning in November 1998, the Museum Building (where the entire
     Herbarium is currently housed) will undergo renovation.  This will
     affect the inside of the Building where sections of the interior walls
     must be opened to replace drainpipes housed within the walls.  Also,
     all windows in the Museum Building will be replaced.

     Beginning in March or April 1999, the entire New York Botanical Garden
     Herbarium will be moved to the new Plant Studies Center, with the
     Cryptogams and Monocotyledons being moved first.

     The Herbarium will be available for use during most of this period,
     but there may be times when some areas will be closed for a few days
     or a week.   For this reason, we urge you to first check the New York
     Botanical Garden web site (http://www.nybg.org/bsci/herb/herb.html)
     for updates and then contact one of us prior to visiting the Garden to
     be sure that the specimens you want to study are available: Patricia
     K. Holmgren (pholmgren at nybg.org), Director of the Herbarium; Jacquelyn
     A. Kallunki  (jkallunki at nybg.org), Assistant Director of the
     Herbarium; Barbara M. Thiers (bthiers at nybg.org), Senior Administrative
     Curator, Cryptogamic Herbarium.

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