Nomina Auctorum

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Thu Jul 23 10:32:40 CDT 1998

Dear colleagues,
at times inquiries appear on this list over the full spelling of
abbreviated author names. For taxonomic authors in zoology - mainly
entomology - a list of 4.678 abbreviations for 3.533 author names is
released from the press these days. Full bibliographic data: Michael
Schmitt, Heike Huebner & Reinhard Gaedike: Nomina Auctorum - Aufloesung von
Abkuerzungen taxonomischer Autoren-Namen. Nova Supplementa Entomologica 11,
3-189 (1998). ISSN 0948-6038. Copies at DM 120 (approx. US$ 67) can be
ordered from WILEY-VCH (subservice at
We - the authors - feel sorry for the high price but we had no chance to
influence the calculation whatsoever.
This publication can alos be obtained through exchange with the library of
Deutsches Entomologisches Institut, Eberswalde
(dei_eberswalde at
We would be grateful for sending us corrections and additions which we will
include in a later edition.

I crosspost this message also to ENTOMO-L.

                         Michael Schmitt

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