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Alec McClay alec at AEC.ARC.AB.CA
Thu Jun 4 08:27:49 CDT 1998

This may not be quite what you had in mind, but I have had good results
from travelling with Eudora Lite installed on a floppy disk. If you try to
install it directly on a floppy it will say there is not enough space, but
you can copy all the essential files, including mailboxes, address lists,
and signatures, from a hard disk installation onto a floppy and it will run
fine. As long as you are somewhere where you can beg or borrow the use of a
PC with any kind of Internet connection (permanent or dial-up), you can
then run Eudora and send and receive messages exactly as if you were
sitting at your own desk, without having to change any settings or use any
disk space on the borrowed computer. If you set your preferences to "leave
mail on server" your mail will also still be there waiting for you when you
get home. Obviously this depends on the kindness of your hosts in lending
you the use of a computer for a few minutes each day, but it avoids the
need to set up a special account for use while travelling.

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