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N Marley N.Marley at PLYMOUTH.AC.UK
Mon Jun 8 15:47:44 CDT 1998

With reference to the e-mail problem of the globe-trotting professor
mentioned below, several options are available depending on the
university's computing service, but this one is free.

*Web based e-mail address:*

For this type of service you would need to be able to set up an
automatic forwarding of all mail going to your university address, to
go to the web e-mail address.  Most university e-mail services can do
this, but you may need to contact your postmaster. The web service
provider I use is YAHOO, but most of the search engine providers are
offering this type of service now and it is FREE. All you need to do
to get the wed e-mail address is simply sign up on the webpage.

You need to fill out a short questionnaire - I try not tick any
interest boxes or give my university e-mail address, this helps to
prevent you being spammed by junk e-mail. The e-mail address for
this service is in the format:

username at

When you are travelling you can access your e-mail from any internet
connected computer. I have been able to collect my e-mails
whilst travelling around the world using this type of service.

N.B. I turn the automatic forwarding on and off, depending if I am home
or away.

This message should not be read as a personal endorsement of
the service and company mentioned, it only reflects my personal
experience. Other companies offer similar services.

Other possible solution would include Telnet and/or POP3 servers etc.
but I don't know any details of these.

I hope this is helpful.

Nigel Marley
Research: Tardigrade taxonomy and ecology

> Dear Colleagues,
> This is not stictly taxonomic, but the people on this list will be
> aware of the problems of using e-mail whilst away at conferences and
> meetings.
> Has anyone had any experience good or bad of ISP's (Internet Service
> Providers) with Global Coverage.  We have a globe-trotting Professor
> here who spends time in the USA, Japan, Europe, Australia and would
> dearly like to keep up with his e-mail correspondence to stop it
> mounting up here in Reading.
> The only two companies that come to mind are CompuServe and
> Microsoft with its MSN.
> Regards
> Rupert

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