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Rod Seppelt rod_sep at ANTDIV.GOV.AU
Tue Jun 16 08:43:22 CDT 1998

Jim Beach and others
Can't you make your own presses?
I have been making them for years here.  It only takes some thin timber
(sold in Australia as batten) which is about 42 x 12mm.
I use pine.  The outside dimensions are 450 x 300mm.  This takes 3 x 450mm
lengths (you could use 4) with 4  x 300mm lengths for each half or side of
the press.
I use this size because it conveniently fits our newspapers (sheet folded
in half).  I cut cardboard inserts (from stiff cardboard cartons or boxes -
the cardboard is a corrugated cardboard sandwich) the same size.  I hold
the press together with two adjustable straps (two trouser belts or rope is
just as effective).  The timber is nailed together with 2 x 20mm flathead
nails each crossover.  If you or your departmental workshop can't put these
together cheaper than you buy a commercial press I will be very surprised.

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