Dermestid Attack and Microwaves

Dr P. Vidal pvidalg at PUC.CL
Mon Jun 22 20:15:01 CDT 1998

Dear all,

Has anybody tried eliminating desmestid attack from non-pinned beetles
by putting them in the kitchen=B4s microwave ?

I did a test with a short 20 sec shock to some dermestid larvae with
inmediate death, but would the genital structures of the beetles be OK ?
Never mind the dermestid ones !.    (Please do not put pinned insects in
the MW.)  If somebody out there has experience with this would they let
me know please.

Dr Pedro Vidal
Universidad Cat=F3lica de Chile
PO Box 114-D,
Fax 56-2-207 4927
e-mail pvidalg at
Santiago de Chile. CHILE

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