Euro-American Mammal Congress

Santiago Reig Mustela at PINAR1.CSIC.ES
Thu Jun 11 11:50:08 CDT 1998

 | E U R O - A M E R I C A N   M A M M A L   C O N G R E S S  |
 |             "Challenges in Holarctic Mammalogy"            |
 |        Universidad de Santiago de Compostela, Spain        |
 |                                                            |
 |                     July 19-24, 1998                       |

Dear EAMC participant:

We hope that your travel arrangements to come to Santiago are going
well. We have made available the list of participants and the long
list --800!!-- of abstracts submitted to the Congress. You can check
the list or get a copy of the file using one of these three options:

1) visiting our WWW page
2) anonymous FTP to in the directory pub/eamc filename:
abstract.lst (ASCII Text file, about 200K)
3) sending an e-mail message to galemys at

If you have problems connecting to the WWW page (i.e. you get a "not
found" message, or "incorrect address") please keep on trying.
Sometimes the server is not behaving as it should, but we have checked
that everything is working fine.

The list includes participants registered in the meeting and
all the abstracts received, which will be included in the program and
the abstract book. There are few people who have submitted abstracts
without the registration form completed or without any indication of
payment. Those abstracts are marked with "!!" and WILL NOT be included
in the program or the abstract book, unless we hear from the authors
immediately. At least one of the authors should be registered in the

In the General Sessions, some participants that requested oral
presentations have been moved to poster sessions because of time
limitations. We tried to accommodate as many oral presentations as
possible form the selection made by the Scientific Committee. Please
check whether your presentation has been accepted as oral or poster.
In General Sessions, time for oral presentations is 12 min talk + 3
min questions and discussion = 15 min. Time available for orals in
Symposia and Workshops varies and has been set by the respective
conveners. You may find a list of useful tips for oral and poster
presentations in the Congress' WWW page or by anonymous FTP to
directory:  pub/eamc
oral.doc  poster.doc  oral.html  poster.html

Hopefully, the preliminary program will be available by next week,
June 15th at the WWW page. Please check the WWW page from time to time
to see how the program develops. Let us know if there is any problem
with your records. We will be pleased to help you with any problem
that you may have at:

Galemys at

We truly appreciate your participation in the EAMC and look forward
to meeting you in Santiago!


The Local Committee

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 15706 SANTIAGO DE COMPOSTELA, SPAIN   ~~  |  :  S P A I N    _|  .O
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