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Dear Dieter,

Just a few weeks ago somebody asked the same question on ENTOMO-L. Please
see the result below.



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Dear Entfolk,
  Thank you for sending so many additions to my international list of words
for butterfly. I have to leave this list for the next few weeks to do field
work. If you think of new words in new languages please address them to my
e-mail. When I get back I'll resubscribe and post the most recent version
of the list. Since so many of you have included notes on pronounciaton I'm
working on adding the details to my list.
Thanks again,
   here's the latest version
Butterfly, Internationally

Abu Daqeek                   Arabic
Babochka                        Russian
Bangikoi                          Palauan
Bataplai (short 'a's) in Tok Pisin, aka Melanesian Pidgin.
Borboleta                         Portuguese
Buom buom                     Vietnamese
Buraburay                        Amharic (from Ethiopia):
Caqelngataq                     Yup'ik an Alaska native language
Chou chou.                        Japanese
Drugelis & peteliske         Lithuanuian
Dearbadan-de ( first D is a soft gee
sound and the DE is jay) Scottish Gaelic
Dhad'hama                        !XU (A `Bushman' or San language of the
Kalahari Desert)
Farasha                             Arabic
Farfalla                             Italian
Feileacan                          Irish Gaelic
Fidrildi                             Icelandic
Fjaril  as  Fj ril               Swedish (a has an umlaut)
Flutura                             Albanian
Fluture                              Romanian
Ho diep                             Vietnamese
Hu-tieh but Hu Die is the official modern pronounciation   Mandarin
Ibhabhathane                  XHOSA (Spoken mainly in the Eastern Cape)
Ici-pempele                   LAMBA (Zambia)
Inkongolo, & Sikapempenya    ILA (Zambia)
Kabakaba                          Visayan (Philippines)
Kelebek                             Turkish
Ki-pepeo                           SWAHILI
Kungu-urumu and Kipepeo          Swahili
Kupu-kupu                         Indonesian
Lapia                                  Burmese    spelling?
Limpempele                       MUKUNI (Zambia)
Lepke and Pillango            Hungarian
Leptir                                 Croatian
Liblikas                              Estonian
Luvivane                           SWAZI (Spoken in Swaziland)
Mariposa                            Spanish
Metelyk                              Ukrainian
Meng kabeua                      Lao
Meptir                                 Serbo-Croatian
Motyl                                  Polish (also Czech, except that has
an acute accent on the y)
Nabi                       Korean
Onanga                 KWANYAMA (border of Namibia and Angola)
Papalotl               Nahuatl (Aztec).
Papilio                Esperanto
Papillion             French
Parpar                 Hebrew
Paruparo,            Tagalog (Philippines)
Parvani                Farsi. (Persian)
Patangeo                GUJARATI
Pattam puchi            TAMIL
Pee seur              Thai           spelling?
Pepeke'               Maori
Pepen                 Mayan
Perhonen            Finnish
Petaluodia          Greek
Phulpakhru              MARATHI
Projapoti            Bangla
Pulelehua          Hawaiian
Putali   (long 'a)    Nepali
Samanalaya            Sinhala (Sri Lanka)
Schmetterling       German
Serurubele.          Suto, Tswana ,and Pedi (African languages) SOUTHERN
SOTHO (Lesotho, Orange Free State) (see-roo-roo-bear-lair)
Skoenlapper         Afrikaans
Sommerfugl         Norwegian
Sommerfugl        Danish (same as Norwegian)
Taqalukisaq        Inupiaq an Alaska native language
Titli                      Hindi
Titli                     Urdu'
Tsenblale             Tigre (from Ethiopia)
Uvemvane         ZULU
Vlinder               Dutch
Zomerfeygele  and Flaterl   Yiddish
"interloc thumbs, flapping flat hands like wings"  sign language (it is an
official recognized language)

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