Tenebrionidae,include Lagriinae, Alleculinae

ricardo ricardo at LOGIN.CZ
Sun Jun 21 13:51:48 CDT 1998

Dear colleague,

I am wonder if there any other workers than Dr. Rolf Aalbu  in North America
including Canada and Mexico who working on Tenebrionidae incl. Alleculidae
and/or Lagriinae now.
Doyen. Triplehorn, Campbell are retired. Tschinkel working in different
area. Spilman, Papp, Bremer are gone, isnt it?

Keep care and be of good cheer

Vratislav Richard Eugene Maria John Baptiste
of Bejsak (Bayshark)-Colloredo-Mansfeld

Coleoptera - Australia, Tenebrionidae of World
(incl. Lagriinae, Alleculinae)

Temporaly address 1998:
Husitska 15
130 00 Prague 3 Zizkov
ph.: (420+2) 185

32 Girrawheen Ave.
Kiama NSW 2533
e-mail: vratislav at bigfoot.com
           ricardo at login.cz
           (before Ricardo at compuserve.com)

Only after the last tree has been cut down,
only after the last river has been poisoned,
only after the last fish has been caught,
only then will you find that money can not be eaten.'

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