dermestids and microwaves

Francesco Porcelli porcelli at AGR.UNIBA.IT
Tue Jun 23 08:26:39 CDT 1998

>>Has anybody tried eliminating desmestid attack from non-pinned beetles
>>by putting them in the kitchen=B4s microwave ?
>>I did a test with a short 20 sec shock to some dermestid larvae with
>>inmediate death, but would the genital structures of the beetles be OK ?
>>Never mind the dermestid ones !.    (Please do not put pinned insects in
>>the MW.)  If somebody out there has experience with this would they let
>>me know please.
>This isn't quite the information you're looking for, but the herbarium at
>University of California at Santa Barbara tried putting adult (either
>dermestids or cigarette beetles, but I think it was the former) in a microw=
>and it seemed to have no effect, even after a couple of minutes.  They
>were too
>small to convert the microwaves to heat.

isn't the conversion made on water molecule?
more: the power or the MW?

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