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>Dear taxacomers,
>I have a small problem:
>I got confused with the use of the terms homology and analogy.
>So far, I believed in the existence of horizontal and vertical
>Vertical homologies are the homologies most commonly
>observed in literature. They are due to common ancestry.
>However, I believed as well in the existence of horizontal
>homologies. They arise because of interorganismal transfers
>such as gene transfer, learning, culture and so on.
>For me, it is quite natural to use the term homology in such
>cases as well.
>But, I am aware that in the cladistic paradigm such homologies
>turn up as homoplasies.
>And, to turn everything more complicated, sometimes the scientists
>use the term analogy.
>I think an analogy would be some kind of functional similarity
>of a given structure.
>But, I know cases where scientists undoubtedly apply the term analogy
>to supposed (though unproven) horizontal homologies.
>Someone wants to discuss this item?   Thomas
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