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Dr. Nigel Barker barker at RHOBOT.RU.AC.ZA
Mon Jun 8 15:52:52 CDT 1998

Hi All

Herewith an advert for a post doc fellowship to study at Rhodes
University, South Africa. Please note taht applications must be made
through Heads of Depts, not individual staff members. However,
consultations with relevant staff would obviously be needed and
advised! Please visit the Rhodes University web pages for information
about us (

For those of you with a botanical interest, the Botany dept homepage

I personally would like to hear from anybody intersted in considering
this fellowship with a view to collaborating in the field of
(botanical)  molecular systematics! If you do have any
questions that I can answer please email me personally at
barker at


Nigel Barker



The University Council has established several Rhodes University
Post-Doctoral Fellowships which may be awarded for a minimum of one
year in the first instance with the possibility of renewal for a
maximum of three years.


The Fellowships are intended to foster existing academic research and
scholarly or creative activities within university departments and
institutes.  Ideally a Fellow's proposed work will closely complement
existing programmes in the host department.


Although there is no age restriction, potential Fellows must hold a
recently awarded doctoral degree preferably from an institute other
than Rhodes University recognized as appropriate to the discipline for
which the Fellowship is sought.  Successful candidates must be of
exceptional merit as evidenced by the quality and corpus of
publications or other recognized forms of achievement relevant to the
Fellow's discipline.  The Fellowship will be awarded strictly on
merit, without regard to race, gender, religion or country of origin.


Nominations should be made through Heads of Departments and Directors
of Research Institutes.  Nominations must include a full curriculum
vitae and the name of three referees who may be consulted.  An outline
research proposal is essential with details of how Rhodes staff will
be involved.


Each Fellowship is a package of approximately R50 000 per annum which
includes an economy return air-fare to the Fellow's home residence,
whatever the country of origin.  As an indication of the Award's value
in South African terms, accommodation on the Rhodes Campus is priced
from about R800 per month.  Fellows may apply for such accommodation
on a first come first serve basis.


The University expects that all publications, creative works and other
academic products of the Fellowship will bear appropriate
acknowledgement to the University.  The University reserves the right
to co-ownership of inventions and/or patents directly emanating from
research conducted under the sponsorship of the Fellowship.


Nominations for the Fellowships should be directed to the Dean of
Research.  The determination of awards will be made by a committee
composed of the Dean of Research (Chair), the Vice-Principal, and the
Deans of Humanities and Science.   The committee is not bound to award
any or all of the Fellowships in any one year.


The closing date for receipt of nominations by the Dean of Research
for awards to take effect in 1999 is 31 July 1998.

Dr Nigel Barker
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Rhodes University            Fax: 27 46 622 5524
South Africa

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