CHIRON for PhD thesis

Jean-Bernard HUCHET jeanbernard.huchet at HOL.FR
Fri Jun 12 19:27:42 CDT 1998

        I am currently working on my PhD. thesis : Biology, Systematic & Phyloge=
        of Chiron MacLeay, 1819 (Coleoptera, Scarabaeoidea, Chironidae), a genus
        mainly inhabiting Afrotropical and Indomalayan regions. This work is und=
        the authority of the Museum National d'Histoire naturelle, Paris.

        I am looking for all biological, chorologic, ecological, etc... data abo=

        For the moment, I have examined all typical material (including Fabricia=
        types) and the material of most of the european and african's museums.=20
        I  am also very interested in studying any Chiron material.=20

        If you have any such material or data or could pass my interests on to
        other colleagues, I would be most grateful.

                        Thank you,


Jean-Bernard Huchet
7, rue des Cap=E9rans
33 000 Bordeaux
Tel :(0)5 56 79 06 19 (Home)
e-mail : jeanbernard.huchet at

or : J-B. Huchet C/o Dr Y. Cambefort
Laboratoire d'Entomologie du MNHN de Paris
45, rue Buffon=20
75 005 Paris -FRANCE

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