Dr. H. Niranjana Murthy, Botany, Karnatak U., India

Margaret & Charles Baker cmbaker at ORCHIDCULTURE.COM
Tue Mar 10 08:47:15 CST 1998

Does anyone know how to contact Dr. Murthy? He wrote requesting reprints,
and we would like to contact him before spending our money on international
postage. Some of the reprints he requested are available online.

Thank you! Marg. Baker

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#1 Pescatorea, Phaius, Phalaenopsis, Pholidota, Phragmipedium, Pleione
HardcoverISBN 0-88192-189-0 US$32.95
#2 Dendrobium
HardcoverISBN 0-88192-360-5 $99.95 |SoftcoverISBN 0-88192-366-4 $59.95
#3 Orchid Species Culture, The Cattleya/Laelia alliance. In press 1998

The Genus Papiopedilum - Natural History and Cultivation.
In press for Spring 1998. Dr. Guido Braem and The Bakers

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