Sello(w) type specimens

Paul Goetghebeur Paul.Goetghebeur at RUG.AC.BE
Thu Mar 12 18:15:22 CST 1998

Dear all,

This is a message for curators of herbaria in particular.

The well known plant collector Sello(w) has worked a long time in
Brazil, and many of his specimens have served as types of old (and
priorable) names.

Kunth in his Enumeratio Plantarum 2 (1837) has used several of these
collections in describing new species of Cyperaceae.  No label data
were given !  Hand writings and annotations on the sheet probably can
help in recognizing type specimens.

In the forthcoming months we will need some of the following types.
And here the help of curators in locating those plants will be highly
appreciated.   Please can you let us know if in your herbarium some
of the following Sello(w) specimens are present.

Isolepis sellowiana (also combined under Scirpus, Fimbristylis, and

Scleria cyanocarpa

Scleria junciformis

Scleria leptostachya

Scleria mollis

Scleria olyroides

Scleria pleostachya

Scleria rigida

Scleria sellowiana

Scleria sororia

Scleria stricta

Many thanks for your help in locating these specimens !!

Paul Goetghebeur
Lecturer in Botany
Laboratory of Botany / Department of MSE Biology
University Gent
Ledeganckstraat 35
9000   Gent / Belgium

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