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Your best bet for information on the Tettigoniidae and other Orthoptera
is the Orthoptera Species File Online - a database of all species of the
Orthoptera of the world. It contains thousands of images of Tettigoniidae
and you may be able to find your species there (if they have been
described). It does not have a key for identification (but you may find
similar genera in the key to katydids of La Selva, Costa Rica).

The phenomenal wasp-mimetic specimen you mention is probably a yet
undescribed species of Scaphura or Aganacris (Phaneropterinae) (or a
something totally new). If you can mail this specimen I would be happy to
identify it for you.

The URL's for the above mentioned resources are:   [Orthoptera Species File Online]   [Katydids of La Selva,
Costa Rica]

Best regards, Piotr

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Orthoptera Species File Online (
- a database of the Orthoptera of the World

Katydids of La Selva Biological Station Costa Rica

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