(Fwd) Inquiry on tropical forest genetics

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Sorry for burdening the list with this enquiry, but I certainly can't help -
can anyone here?

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Dear Mr. Morley,

I am a writer and multimedia producer based in Seattle and I am working on a
project writing for a life science education product for a big publisher.  I
need to find an analog to Mendel's pea plants for a tropical rain forest
setting; i.e. an interesting plant with a recognizable trait (flower,
thorny/smooth trunk, etc) illustrating dominant/recessive alleles.  If you could
cite such an example from your work I would be most grateful.  I don't need a
lot of information about it just verification that it is a true example.

Thank you for any help.
Best regards,

Pat Call
10528 SW 116th St.
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pjcall at earthlink.net

Pat Call

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