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Irrespective of the fact that you call yourself today  a Parasitologist, =
an Entomologist a Behaviourist, an Embryologist, a Taxonomist, a  Marine =
Biologist,  a Herpetologist, Bryozoologist or anAnthropologist, a worm =
or a sponge person,   or more fashionably an Animal Biologist or =
Ecologist , you are a ZOOLOGIST and the fate and demise of   ZOOLOGY  as =
an  integrative and  philosophically important branch of life science  =
will inevitably mark your  future professional outlook and career.  =
While  our sister disciplines, Microbiology and Botany did not =
jeopardize their  joint international  meetings, the International =
Congresses of Zoology were discontinued in 1972 and since then a gradual =
splintering started.  Zoology is today depreciated in the academic world =
and university curricula. All this, while our colleagues are shedding  =
crocodile tears  from their lab windows for the destruction of  world's =
biodiversity .
We are trying a new start  which might perhaps rehabilitate the full =
importance  and beauty of  BIG ZOOLOGY.       =20
_________________________________________________                        =
                            The  New  (XVIII) International  Congress of =
                          Le Nouveau (XVIII)   Congres  International de =
 Zoologie =20
                                                   First Announcement
The date of the New  Congress has been set for .28 August to 3 September =
 2000 and the venue will be the Faculty of Philosophy, at  University of =
Athens, Greece., under the auspices of the Hellenic Zoological  Society.
In order to reverse the present trend of fragmentation of  Zoology and =
the crisis  in the professional zoological education   which became =
rampant  after the suspension of the congresses in 1972. ,  we have =
decided to dedicate this first  renewed congress mainly  to  a  number =
of  integrative symposia and general discussions.  We  call upon you to =
participate !
Please  inform us till mid-October 1998  of your intention to =
participate  and/or receive further information  contained in our First =
Circular, contacting  =20
Dr. Rosa Polymeni, University of Athens, Department of Biology, Section =
of Zoology and Marine =
olyme at
The text of  the  First Circular  can be  accessed and copied   also  =
from our page  in  http://www.york.biosis,org/zrdocs/new_icz.

Please communicate your views on this important matter to Rosa  Polymeni =
 (as above) or to me=20

Dov Por     dovpor at

Full address F.D.Por, Dept. of Evolution,Systematics and Ecology, Hebrew =
University, Jerusalem
Fax 972.2.6416831

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