Natura 2000

Fortuner fortuner at WANADOO.FR
Sat Mar 21 06:58:55 CST 1998

This is a call to European Taxacomers:

I am interested in finding more about Natura 2000, and particularly
about the constraints set by the EEC (or by local governments) on lands
protected under the Habitats Directive.  Here in Charente maritime (on
France's Atlantic coast), nobody knows anything but rumors are flying:
there will be no agriculture, no industry, no exploitation of any kind,
villages will be displaced, it will be forbidden to cut wood and pick up
mushrooms, etc. (I guess eating frog legs will be banned too!)
Understandably, the general population and local authorities are dead
against Natura 2000.  I would like to do something about it, and I need
some information about the impact the initiative has in other countries
where implementation has started. So, if you know anything, please tell
me (by direct mail).  Thanks.

Renaud Fortuner
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