Partnership opportunities for Federally-associated collections

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Tue Mar 31 15:16:30 CST 1998

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Hi! This is a first review of the abstracts or program/workshop proposals

for the 1998 conference on Partnership Opportunities for

Federally-Associated Collections. For more information, if you did not

receive a flyer, please check the DOI web site at


The conference is shaping up very well and I am pleased with the caliber of

proposals and abstracts to date. All we need is more! Never mind what the

flyer says: spread the word that the deadline has been extended to 15 May.

Here's an overview of what has been proposed to date.

Pre-conference workshops:

Collections management for archaeology collections (invitation only)

Creating repositories for archaeology and paleontology holdings from Federal

and other agencies

(co-sponsored by the San Diego Archaeological Center)

Keynote address: John Berry, DOI Assistant Secretary, Policy, Management and


Plenary addresses: Jason Hall, American Association of Museums

        "Relationships between Federal Agencies and Museums Serving as Repositories"

        "Examples of Significant Museum-Federal Government Partnerships"

Sessions and talks:

White Mountain Apache Models for Intertribal Cooperation in NAGPRA

Preventive Conservation as a Strategy for the In-Perpetuity Preservation of

Federally-Associated Collections

The Internet, Communications Technology, and Collections: Web-based

Publication and Public Communication

When is the Information Enough? When is It Not?

Development of a Consistent Framework for Quality Control and Quality

Assurance in Fish Taxonomy Associated with Faunistic and Aquatic Community


Department of Defense Archaeological Collections (two half-day sessions)

The Internet, Communications Technology, and Collections

Biodiversity Value of Federal Collections (half-day session)

The Tennessee Valley Authority Historic Collection

Developing Exhibits from Federal Collections

US Army Ordnance Museum Restoration Project of Outdoor Ordnance Collection

The schedule right now is as follows:

Monday-Tuesday, November 16-17: Preconference workshops (open as well as


Sites: Mission Valley Marriott, San Diego Archeological Center, various

Balboa Park sites

Wednesday-Thursday, November 18-19: Keynote address and theme sessions

Site: Mission Valley Marriott

Friday: Plenary session, town hall discussion, and resolutions

Site: Balboa Park Club

Stay in touch and let everyone know that the program is still open for


Cheers, Sally


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