`Grass Genera' and `Families' Intkey packages

Les at Les at
Thu Mar 5 13:17:06 CST 1998

Re the DELTA packages, `Grass Genera of the World' and `Families of
Flowering Plants':

   New HTML and Intkey versions of these were posted recently, at

   Both have been edited and improved in various ways, and for the first
time, they incorporate extensive character illustrations for use with
Intkey. The `Families' character illustrations have been adapted from the
range of taxon images presented with earlier versions, but the Poaceae
package now includes (for example) numerous character and taxon
photomicrographs illustrating leaf blade anatomy and spikelet details,
many of which which have never been published before.

   The Intkey versions are freely available for downloading, but can be run
directly from the Web using the Windows95/NT version of the program.

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