Taxonomy, Phylogeny, and Wood anatomy of Alstonia Alstonia

Thu Mar 5 13:53:17 CST 1998


Taxonomy, Phylogeny, and Wood anatomy of Alstonia (Apocynaceae)
Leiden, 1998.  230 pp.
Blumea: Supplement 11
ISBN 90-71236-35-8
Price:  Dfl. 100,00  (= about $ 50,00)

Alstonia is the largest and most widespread genus of trees and shrubs
in the subtribe Alstoniinae of the tribe Plumerieae of the
Apocynaceae. Many of its species provide important timbers of
commerce, and several species are used in traditional local medicine.
The genus occurs in Central America, tropical Africa, and from
Himalayas and China to New South Wales in Australia, and has its
centre of diversity in the Malesian region.
This study aims to contribute to our still fragmentary knowledge of
the tropical biodiversity, and provides a comprehensive survey of the
macromorphological and pollen morphological diversity within the
genus Alstonia. a cladistic analysis based on this diversity, a
comparative wood anatomical study of three of the five sections, and
a full taxonomic revision of the entire genus. In the taxonomic revision 43 species are recognised,
five of them are new.

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